India vs West Indies: Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan show incredible fielding in practice, watch video

India vs West Indies, Ind vs WI, WI vs Ind, West Indies India, Virat Kohli, Shikhar Shawan, Kohli India, Dhawan India, sports news, sports, cricket news, Cricket Virat Kohli will lead India’s test side in West Indies. (Source: PTI)

After some relaxation period and fun time, the Indian cricketers are back to their training sessions in West Indies.

India vs West Indies: Young Indian team out of the shade and into the open

Skipper Virat Kohli and opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan were seen grabbing some stunning catches during the course of their practice. Dhawan took a good decent diving catch while Virat held on to a pretty difficult one with one hand.


India are on a tour of West Indies for four Test matches starting from July 21 under the stewardship of new coach Anil Kumble.

Serena Williams wins her 22nd Grand Slam with 7-5, 6-3 win versus Angelique Kerber: Wimbledon women’s final As it happened

Serena Williams defeated Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon final. (Source: Reuters)

Serena Williams finally bagged her seventh Wimbledon and 22nd Grand Slam overall in a 7-5, 6-3 win over Angelique Kerber in the final. Serena broke the German twice – once in each set – to win the match.

Wimbledon 2016 women’s singles Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber LIVE:

2001 hrs IST: Serena puts away a volley at the net and she has her 22nd Slam! 7-5, 6-3

2001 hrs IST: Three incredible serves and Serena has three match points

1958 hrs IST: From 40-15, Kerber loses four points in a row to have her serve broken. Serena serves for the match at 5-3

1957 hrs IST: “She touched the net” claims Serena after a beautiful play at the net. Kerber responds with a finger wag, “No I didn’t”

1954 hrs IST: Serena holds as Kerber’s backhand is into the net. Staying on serve. 4-3

1953 hrs IST: Make that two aces in a row.

1953 hrs IST: Serena serves an ace on break point. Kerber’s first this match

1952 hrs IST: Serena with a thunderous C’mon as she wins a remarkable rally at 15-30

1950 hrs IST: Kerber holds to make it 3-3

1946 hrs IST: Meanwhile we have more on the India-origin girl who did the coin toss in the match. Read here

1945 hrs IST: Serena getting really disturbed by the wind. Made to stop, adjust. But holds. Serena up 3-2

1942 hrs IST: The difference between Australian Open and Wimbledon for Serena

1941 hrs IST: Kerber holds serve. 2-2 now

1939 hrs IST: Kerber with a glorious backhand winner down the line over the higher part of the net. Incredible shot

1938 hrs IST: Serena’s first set record shouldn’t make Kerber happy

1937 hrs IST: Serena’s strong serve down the tee which Kerber can’t return. Serena holds. 2-1

1934 hrs IST: Kerber returns in kind to hold. 1-1

1930 hrs IST: Serena opens the second set. And holds serve 1-0

1927 hrs IST: Serena pushes Kerber to the forehand side but its into the net. Serena wins the first set 7-5 in 47 mins

1926 hrs IST: Serena’s drop shot is not good enough and Kerber runs on to dispatch for a winner. 30-40

1926 hrs IST: Backhand error and Serena has two set points. 15-40

1925 hrs IST: Kerber pulls forehand wide. Goes for a bit much. 15-30

1925 hrs IST: Kerber does the same to bring it back to 15-15

1924 hrs IST: Serena with a brilliant point construction to put away at the net. 0-15

1922 hrs IST: From 15-30, Serena with three great serves to hold. Adding to her ace count to go up 6-5

1919 hrs IST: Serena shanks backhand into the net and Kerber holds to make it 5-5

1915 hrs IST: Kerber’s forehand goes long. Serena holds 5-4.

1915 hrs IST: Serve down the tee for an ace. Game point Serena

1914 hrs IST: Kerber with a brilliantly disguised drop shot to bring it to deuce

1913 hrs IST: This time Serena is pushed to the side. Slips slightly on the backhand side with the ball hitting the net. 40-30

1911 hrs IST: Another error and Kerber holds to make it 4-4

1910 hrs IST: Good slightly wide serve as Serena’s forehand hits the tape

1910 hrs IST: Serena moving Kerber from forehand to backhand and eventually Kerber sends forehand long. 30-30

1909 hrs IST: New balls as Kerber serves.

1907 hrs IST: Once again great angles, accuracy and retrieving before Kerber blinks. Stays on serve. 4-3 to Serena

1905 hrs IST: Serena backhand is into the net. Deuce

1904 hrs IST: Superb point! Great rally going back and forth using all angles before Serena volleys it

1902 hrs IST: Ellen Degeneres, Maisie Williams in in the royal box. And so are Jay Z and Beyonce

1901 hrs IST: Serena’s error hands Kerber a comfortable hold. 3-3

1858 hrs IST: Kerber’s backhand is wide and Serena holds serve to keep things on serve in the first. Serena up 3-2

1856 hrs IST: Finally Kerber gets the aid of her first serve to hold. 2-2

1854 hrs IST: Meanwhile Murray is readying for the final tomorrow

1852 hrs IST: Once again, Serena serves the game out with an ace. Serena’s service game, in comparison, is a breeze.

1850 hrs IST: Double fault by Serena at 40-0

1849 hrs IST: Missed it! Serena with a rare poor shot to send an easy backhand long. Kerber holds.

1849 hrs IST: Serena takes the backhand low and it goes wide. Game point for Kerber

1848 hrs IST: Another second serve by Kerber, the ball hits the line and jumps on to Serena. Third deuce

1847 hrs IST: Serena with low backswing and sends backhand for a winner

1847 hrs IST: Kerber with a forehand down the line and Serena’s return is into the net. Deuce.

1847 hrs IST: Kerber’s running backhand is into the net. Second break point for Serena.

1846 hrs IST: But Kerber serves a double fault to bring it to deuce again

1846 hrs IST: Serena’s backhand sails long and the break point is saved to bring it to deuce

1844 hrs IST: Some pressure on the Kerber serve. Lovely half volley pickup by Serena after a long rally from the back. Break point for Serena

1842 hrs IST: Serena serves out the first game with an ace!

# Serena is near flawless against lefties in Slams

# Rosberg sends Kerber luck. The German is racing in the vicinity too – at Silverstone involved in the British Grand Prix

# First British wheelchair winners are crowned!

# The two ladies earlier today:

# Players so far to have beaten Venus and Serena consecutively in semis and finals: Araxna Sanchez Vicario (1998), Kim Clijsters (2002), Lindsay Davenport (2004). Will Angelique Kerber add her name to the list?

# Where do you think the title is going? Tell us in our poll on Twitter

# Just to bring you up to speed on the two women’s road to the final – Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber

# We’re half an hour away from the final. Crowds filling in and expectations rising!

# Last time a German won the Wimbledon women’s singles crown? 1996!


Steffi Graf’s image looms large over Serena Williams, Angelique Kerber Wimbledon final

Serena Williams, Angelique Kerber, Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber, Wimbledon 2016, Wimbledon womens final, Serena Kerber preview, Serena Kerber, tennis news, tennis Serena Williams once again has a shot at picking up her 22nd Grand Slam title when she faces Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon final.

The women’s final between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber isn’t just a chance for the American to exact revenge over the German for her Australian Open final loss but it is an opportunity for both players at history.

Equal prize money debate irks Serena Williams

Serena Williams strongly defended the equal prize money that they get along with the men. (Source: AP)

After years of campaigning by figure-heads such as Billie Jean King, Wimbledon introduced equal prize-money in 2007. But every time there is a lopsided match in the latter stages of the women’s competition, the subject comes up for discussion again.

India vs West Indies: Murali Vijay works out at gym, see pics

India vs West Indies, Ind vs WI, WI vs Ind, Murali Vijay, Murali Vijay India, India Murali Vijay, Murali Vijay work out, Murali Vijay fitness, sports news, sports, cricket news, Cricket Murali Vijay hits gym in West Indies. (Source: Twitter)

Following the similar footsteps of his Test captain, India’ Test opening batsman Murali Vijay has too started to concentrate on his fitness. BCCI’s official Twitter handle recently uploaded Vijay’s pictures of him sweating it out in the gym and concentrating on some weightlifting exercises.

Murali Vijay is the first choice opening batsman for India in the longest format. He thus, would play an important role in providing India a good start against West Indies in the series starting from July 21st.


Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), season 4: Puneri Paltan beat Bengal Warriors 38-31

Live kabaddi score, Pro kabaddi live, PKL live, Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan live, Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan Live, Live Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan, Live Pro Kabaddi, Bengal vs Pune live, Live Pune vs Bengal, Live PKL, PKL Live, Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors live score, live score Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan, pro Kabaddi league live, PKL live, PKL live score, Kabaddi live, Kabaddi Pro Kabaddi league (PKL) 4, season 4: Bengal Warriors play Puneri Paltan in Patna. (Source: PKL)

Puneri Paltan defeat Bengal Warriors 38-31 in Patna 

Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan: As it happened

2048 hrs IST: Not much of the time left in this game… Puneri Paltan would take this one but this has been a spectacular fight from Bengal Warriors

2047 hrs IST: All out for Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors are trying to make a comeback

2046 hrs IST: And Nitin gets super 10

2045 hrs IST: Superb stuff from Nitin and he went like a trace of a bullet

2044 hrs IST: Sonu Narwal raiding for Paltan and they get one point

2043 hrs IST: That was clinical from Nitin… Time out called by Puneri Paltan

2042 hrs IST: Here we are after the time out and Paltan in with the raid

2041 hrs IST: Bengal Warriors ask for a time out

2040 hrs IST: Do or Die for Bengal Warriors and they finally get a point

2039 hrs IST: Deepak in for the raid for Paltan

2038 hrs IST: We are back after the break and Paltan on a role in Patna

2037 hrs IST: Lead now 13 points for Puneri Paltan and Time out has been called

2036 hrs IST: Lee with the raid and it is Super Tackle


2035 hrs IST: Super Tackle on from Puneri Paltan

2033 hrs IST: Bengal Warriors are looking different with the mind setup unlike they had in first half

2030 hrs IST: After a long time we have seen something incredible from Bengal Warriors and they are trying to get it back

2029 hrs IST: Ajay Thakur in for raid and he has got 3 points from 4 raids

2028 hrs IST: Review successful and no bonus awarded

2026 hrs IST: TV Umpire has been called on this occasion

2025 hrs IST: Bengal Warriors are really struggling right now and you can just have a look at that lead

2024 hrs IST: Chhillar is off the field for now

2023 hrs IST: A bit confidence shown there

2022 hrs IST: And we are back with live action and what else you can ask for… Paltan increase their lead to 16 points

2020 hrs IST: Puneri Paltan are looking in brilliant form… It has been absolute pleasure to watch them so far but with Kabaddi you never know when tables can turn around

2019 hrs IST: At halftime Puneri Paltan 22-10 Bengal Warriors

2018 hrs IST: 11 points LEAD  for Puneri Paltan

2017 hrs IST: Ferocious tackle from Chhillar that

2016 hrs IST: Manjeet Chhillar raiding for Puneri Paltan and he gives Paltan two points

2015 hrs IST: DO or Die raid from Bengal and they finally get one point

2014 hrs IST: Superb work from that raider, takes away two points with him

2013 hrs IST: Puneri Paltan went for that ALL OUT and they get three under their kitty

2012 hrs IST: SUPER TACKLE ON for Warriors but Paltan grab another 1.

2011 hrs IST: And one point goes to Puneri Paltan

2010 hrs IST: A tight one for the TV umpire

2009 hrs IST: Yes they have gone for a review

2008 hrs IST: A confusion there… But a point has been awarded to Paltan… Are Warriors going for a TV review

2007 hrs IST: SUBSTITUTE for Bengal Warriors and Sonu Narwal in for raid for Paltan but Warriors get a point

2006 hrs IST: Deepak Hood on for Paltan but that’s an empty raid… Paltan lead by 3 points

2005 hrs IST: Nilesh Shinde is in for the raid for Warriors

2004 hrs IST: Do or Die raid from Lee but Paltan grab a point

2003 hrs IST: Puneri Paltan making another raid… And they really have a chance to climb the ladder

2002 hrs IST: Just look at that tackle from Warriors… SUPERB

2001 hrs IST: Bengal Warriors make it 3 apiece

2000 hrs IST: And Paltan take a lead

1958 hrs IST: Do or Die raid from Warriors and it gives them one point

1957 hrs IST: Meanwhile Paltan equal the scoring

1956 hrs IST: Bengal Warriors really need to pick themselves in this game

1955 hrs IST: And here we are with the first raid from Bengal Warriors and its Jang Kung Lee

1950 hrs IST: NATIONAL ANTHEM! One of the most beautiful moments of the match

1947 hrs IST: Welcome the tigers from Bengal… Bengal Warriors enter the battlefield

1945 hrs IST: Here enters the team Puneri Paltan on the mat


Bengal Warriors beat Dabang Delhi 31-23 to record first win

Pro Kabaddi Season 4 in Mumbai

Ravi Dalal and Nilesh Shinde combined well in attack and defence as Bengal Warriors bounced back in style to record their first win of the season with a 31-23 victory over Dabang Delhi in the fourth season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League on Monday.

Bengaluru Bulls beat Puneri Paltan


Bengaluru Bulls recorded a 29-27 win over Puneri Paltan in a closely contested match of Pro Kabaddi Season 4 on Monday.

India vs WICB President’s XI, Warm-up: India finish Day 1 on 258/3

live cricket score, live score, live score cricket, india vs west indies live, india vs west indies live score, ind vs wi live score, india vs west indies warm up live, ind vs wi warm up live, india cricket live score, cricket score, cricket India lost only 3 wickets. (Source: BCCI)

India ended Day 1 of their two-day warm-up match against WICB president XI on 258/3 with Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan scoring half-centuries.  Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane and Wriddhiman Saha were the only wickets to fall

India vs WICB President XI – As it happened

0215 hrs IST: End of day’s play. India end on 258/3. Rohit has hit a half-century.

0140 hrs IST: WICB players are keeping the pressure up on Mishra but he has survived so far

0120 hrs IST: WICKET! Saha is caught at short-leg. Turn and bounce for the bowler

0055 hrs IST: India cross the 200 run mark with only 2 players out. India are closing it on a high

0025 hrs IST: pujara has retired for 34 during tea. India are 168/8 and Wriddhiman Saha has come out to bat

0005 hrs IST: Tea! India 168/2 Pujara and Rohit Sharma not out batsmen

2355 hrs IST: WICKET! Ajinkya Rahane is gone. He goes for the drive on the on-side but misses the flighted delivery and is bowled! He is out for 5 off 25. India 159/2

2340 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara doing the good work here. India 149/1 after 51 overs

2325 hrs IST: OUT! Pres XI take the first wicket of the match. Virat Kohli tries to jab one from the off-spinner but it turns little taking the inside edge and on to the stumps

2258 hrs IST: Virat Kohli and Chesteshwar Pujara out in the middle for India. After 40 overs, India 114/0

2240 hrs IST: KL Rahul is walking back to the pavillion. Captain Virat Kohli out in the middle for India

2230 hrs IST: 100 up for India! Without a loss. KL Rahul and Pujara at the crease

2215 hrs IST: Players are back on the field. For India, KL Rahul and Cheteshwar Pujara are out in the middle. Shikhar Dhawan retires after scoring 51*

2135 hrs IST: Lunch! India have done great to score 98 runs without a loss of wicket. Shikhar Dhawan 51* and KL Rahul 37*

2125 hrs IST: FIFTY! Shikhar Dhawan has reached the half-century. A risk free innings and a quick one. India 92/0 after 27 overs

2120 hrs IST: India openers are closing in on their half-centuries. KL Rahul on 35* and Shikhar  Dhawan on 44*. India 84/0 after 21 overs

2102 hrs IST: 20 overs gone and India are 54/0

2045 hrs IST: A good stand between KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan! 50 up for India and also the run flow has increased

2025 hrs IST: Indian openers hanging out in the middle. They have had a slow but steady start. They are 31/0 after 12 overs. KL Rahul on 16 while Shikhar Dhawan on 13

2000 hrs IST: Jadeja Ashwin, Binny, Thakur are the players who have been left out of the playing XI

1943 hrs IST: Though, this is an important match for all the players who are are a part of it but for Shikhar and Shami, it can prove to be a path to get kick start on this tour

1941 hrs IST: Eleven are allowed to field, but 12 can play

1939 hrs IST: So the team has been revealed for the match


1935 hrs IST: Virat Kohli has won the toss and he has elected to bat first against WICB President’s XI at Basseterre



India vs West Indies: Anil Kumble’s first tour starts on a sour note


Anil Kumble’s first tour with the Indian cricket team didn’t start on an ideal note as the former Test cricketer landed in West Indies with his kit bag left behind at the Gatwick Airport by the British Airways.

India vs West Indies: Young Indian team out of the shade and into the open


Based on photographic evidence alone, it looks like the Indian team have spent the opening few days of their tour doing what most visitors do upon arriving in the Caribbean. They’ve been out and about, incessantly soaking in the West Indian sun and getting the feel of the soft sand underneath their feet in Basetterre, the capital of the tear-drop shaped island of St Kitts.


India origin girl Uma Baker-Bahl performs coin toss at Wimbledon 2016 final

Uma Baker-Bahl, wimbledon 2016, wimbledon, wimbledon singles final, serena williams, serena, angelique kerber, kerber vs serena, tennis news, tennis Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber before the Wimbledon 2016 women’s singles final. (Source: Wimbledon)

Serena Williams will be chasing glory when she takes the court in Wimbledon 2016 for the final against Angelique Kerber.

If she wins, she will draw level with Settfi Graf from 22 Grand Slam title and will be only two behind the all time record of Margret Court of 24.

But it will also be a special moment for 11-year-old Uma Baker-Bahl.

Uma was chosen to do the pre-match toss at the Centre Court for the women’s singles final between Serena and Kerber.

Hailing from East London, Uma has to take care of her mother and aunt who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. While her mother is ‘tired all the time and she can’t do much’, her aunt is in a wheelchair.

Lewis Hamilton grabs pole at British GP, teammate Nico Rosberg in second

Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Rosberg, British GP, British GP qualifying, British Grand Prix qualifying, Formula 1, F1 Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg made it 1-2 at the British Grand Prix for Mercedes. (Source: Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton put in a sensational late lap under intense pressure to seize pole position for his home British Formula One Grand Prix from Mercedes team mate and title rival Nico Rosberg on Saturday.

The triple world champion had just one chance to secure the top slot after an initial effort in the final top 10 shootout was deleted because he exceeded the track limits at Copse corner.

With championship leader Rosberg on provisional pole, and Hamilton 10th as the clock ticked away and fans held their breath, the home hero made sure of his 56th career pole and fourth at Silverstone.

“It was not the cleanest qualifying session,” said Hamilton who set a time of one minute 29.287 seconds. “I touched the kerb and it just pulled me further… the car bottomed and kind of bounced just outside of the line.

“So a lot of pressure on that last lap. I was just sitting in the garage and I knew that I couldn’t let the guys down… The second lap wasn’t as good but I was making sure I got that lap in. I’m grateful that I did.”

Huge cheers went up around the circuit as Hamilton lit up the screens, with a 140,000 crowd expecting to witness his third successive British Grand Prix win on Sunday and fourth in total.

“Lewis in Silverstone with the crowd behind him, it gives him an extra one tenth,” said the team’s non-executive chairman Niki Lauda.

Rosberg, who has an 11 point advantage over Hamilton after nine of 21 races, had to settle for second place on the grid.

The German also had a scare when he was summoned to see stewards for an alleged rules breach at the start of qualifying, but they decided to take no further action.

Mercedes team bosses will be watching nervously on Sunday after collisions between their drivers in three of the last five races.

Hamilton and Rosberg have been told they are on a final warning, with new rules of engagement and the threat of tough sanctions if they make contact again to the detriment of the dominant team.

“I will try not to be in that position again,” said Hamilton, while Rosberg added that the rules were ‘very clear’.

Dutch teenager Max Verstappen outqualified his Red Bull team mate Daniel Ricciardo for the first time since his promotion to the senior team from Toro Rosso, with the pair filling the second row with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen fifth.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel qualified sixth but will have a five place grid penalty for the second race in a row due to a gearbox change.

That will move the Williams of Finland’s Valtteri Bottas alongside compatriot Raikkonen on the third row in sixth place.

Hamilton was not the only driver to have a lap deleted for exceeding the track limits, with Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg suffering the same fate and dropping to eighth behind Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz.

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso will start ninth but his 2009 world champion team mate Jenson Button failed to get through the first phase and starts 17th for what could be his final home appearance.

The team said a rear-wing endplate on Button’s car became detached from the floor during the lap, causing a loss of downforce. Mechanics tried to fix it but ran out of time.

There was confusion after the first phase with Button thinking he was out and leaving the garage, before returning to the car when it looked like Renault’s Kevin Magnussen was going to have his time deleted.

That would have sent Button through to the second phase but it turned out to be a false alarm.

Sauber’s Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson did not take part in qualifying after being taken to hospital for checks following a big crash in final practice. The team said he had been given the all-clear and was returning to the track.

Wimbledon 2016 final: Angelique Kerber holds her own in Wimbledon final against Serena Williams

Wimbledon 2016, Wimbledon 2016 news, Wimbledon 2016 updates, Angelique Kerber, Serena Williams, sports news, sports, tennis news, Tennis Angelique Kerber was bidding to become the first player to beat the sisters back-to-back in the semifinals and final at a Grand Slam. (Source: AP)

Angelique Kerber scrapped and scrambled and pushed Serena Williams to the limit.

The German hustled from corner to corner for great gets, crouched low for squat shots, and mixed off-speed slices with searing flat winners.

In the end, Kerber’s stellar counter-punching defense was not enough to defuse the power game and booming serves of Williams, who prevailed 7-5, 6-3 in the Wimbledon final on Saturday.

Kerber beat Williams in three sets in the Australian Open final in January for her first Grand Slam title. But, this time, there was no stopping Williams from equaling Steffi Graf’s Open-era record of 22 major championships.

READ: Serena Williams worries for nephews after U.S. shootings

“I think I played what I could today,” the fourth-seeded Kerber said. “Serena was serving unbelievable today. At the end I was trying everything, but she deserved it today. I was not the one who lost the match. I think she won the match.”

The left-handed Kerber had not dropped a set on the way to her second Grand Slam final of the year and beat Serena’s sister, five-time champion Venus, in the semifinals.

The 28-year-old Kerber was bidding to become the first player to beat the sisters back-to-back in the semifinals and final at a Grand Slam.

But Serena had too much firepower: She served 13 aces, to none for Kerber.

The German had only nine unforced errors, to go with 12 winners. But Williams piled up 39 winners, along with 21 unforced errors.

Serena Williams wins seventh Wimbledon title, ties Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slams

“Today just her serve was much better,” Kerber said. “On grass the serve is also a little bit strange because it’s tougher to return it. That was the only thing which changed from Australia.”

Kerber came out fighting from the start, trading hard groundstrokes with Williams, mixing up her play and holding serve.

But a brief lapse in the 12th game proved costly.

Serving at 6-5 down, 15-all, Kerber made a forehand error followed by a backhand error to suddenly give Williams two break and set points.

Kerber saved the first with an easy forehand, but Williams converted on the next with a cross-court backhand winner to take the first set.

“I think I was still playing not bad,” Kerber said. “I think Serena was returning better there. She was just going for it. I played two points a little bit too short, and she was there, and she goes for it. She did everything right.”’

Kerber didn’t fold. She picked up her game in the second set, pumping her arms to celebrate winners as the Centre Court crowd tried to will her back into the match.

Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber: Twitter reacts to Wimbledon final

Kerber finally earned a break point _ her only one of the match _ at 3-3. At 30-40, Williams turned to her biggest weapon: She hit a 117 mph ace to save the break point, followed with a 124 mph ace and held for 4-3.

“This is how Serena is playing,” Kerber said. “I had one breakpoint, and I couldn’t do (anything).”

In the next game, Kerber went up 40-15 but Williams began attacking and forced a break point. Kerber hit perhaps her worst shot of the match _ a backhand long _ to concede the break. Williams served out the match at love.

“Of course, I’m disappointed,” Kerber said. “But at the end I’m also proud about that what I did. That makes it a little easier for me.”

India origin girl Uma Baker-Bahl performs coin toss at Wimbledon 2016 final

Kerber will move up to No. 2 in the rankings next week behind Williams, who has been No. 1 since February 2013.

“I think it’s tough to follow in her footsteps,” Kerber said. “I’m going my own way. I think I’m on a good way to play better and better. I hope that I will reach a few more finals and maybe win a few more Grand Slams.”

Sourav Ganguly unlikely to face opposition in re-election as CAB president

sourav ganguly, ganguly, cricket india, india cricket, cricket bengal, cricket news, cricket Sourav Ganguly’s tenure has witnessed CAB hosting two marquee matches in World T20. (SOurce: Express photo)

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly is unlikely to face much opposition at the 85th Annual General Meeting of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) on July 31 as he is set to retain his president’s chair without much hiccups.

While there are a few in the CAB, who are against Ganguly, but with blessings of the ruling Trinamool Congress government at the power, it is far fetched idea that anyone will like to file nomination to contest in the presidential election against India’s most charismatic captain.

While there are a few who would like to challenge current joint secretary Avishek Dalmiya, who was directly nominated to executive post of the association by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, that can also be considered a long shot.

“In CAB, two weeks is a long long time. The last date of filing nomination is July 23 and any member can withdraw on the floor. So it is a very fluid situation at the moment. Even if anyone wishes to contest against Avishek, a couple of phone calls from ruling dispensation can change the picture completely. So no one should speculate anything right now,” a senior CAB official told PTI on Saturday.

Ganguly’s tenure has witnessed CAB hosting two marquee matches in World T20 — India versus Pakistan and the final.

The association also made huge profits for the first time.

The former Indian captain was also instrumental in hosting country’s first ever pink ball day-night multiday match, which has also earned him a lot of praise.

Treasurer Biswarup Dey, who is seen as the face of opposition but the lawyer turned cricket administrator chose to be diplomatic.

“Let me be very clear, I’m not an opposition. CAB is a team and they will decide whether there would be any election,” Dey told reporters.

The annual awards will be held on July 22.