Introducing: Second Gear

As the first of a new series of podcasts (and, soon, videocasts/TV shows) that I’ll be hosting with Sean Henshelwood, Second Gear aims to be an unvarnished look at the Asian motorsport scene. For all the undoubted opportunities of the Asian market, it sometimes feels like the sport doesn’t get out of second gear – hence the […]

Taxing debates blight Chinese football

CSL clubs approached the transfer window cautiously due to the new 100% transfer tax for foreign players – and the lack of detail surrounding it. But clubs are continuing to look for loopholes and that, coupled with Wanda’s return to Chinese football, could spark a return to spending in the summer.  [This has been updated […]

Xi to stay on, Wanda to get out, Tmall turns to F1 and more Milan misery

Here’s a summary of what you can find in my weekly China Digest for SportBusiness: Official: Xi Jinping to stay on as President past 10-year limit In China, everything is dominated by politics, which is why the main news of the week – that the ruling Communist Party has proposed removing from the country’s constitution the two-term […]